Show Mercy International Missionary Shoe Drive

Show Mercy International Missionary Shoe Drive

In July, I’m planning to go on a mission trip to Uganda. I discussed this in an earlier blog post. If you’d like to learn more, you can read about it here. Needless to say, this type of trip requires a significant fundraising effort to help pay for the expenses associated with the trip. In my effort to fund-raise for this trip with Show Mercy International, I found an incredible way to not only raise money but also to help even more people along the way. With my social working heart and desire to show love to all people I could hardly believe the opportunity!

Funds2Orgs is a company that uses volunteers to collect shoes that are used to support small businesses in developing nations, known as micro-enterprises. They are typically operated by one person or family and friends, depending on size. Here is a link that tells all about the organization that runs this genius shoe drive: 

Yep- you got it, this opportunity is for you to clean out your closet, save our local landfills, help developing countries AND support missionary work! So much goodness you guys.

Help Me Reach My Goal of 100 Bags of 25 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes.

I know my goal is a lofty one, but I also know with God ALL things are possible so here I go……… 

I am putting out a request to all my family, extended family, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, co-workers, class-mates, gym friends, and church families to donate every pair of gently or unused shoes in your closet! I need at least 2,500 pairs!

All gently used shoes are acceptable-including all flip-flops, high heels, boots, kids shoes, sandals, and slippers. Gently used simply means still wearable, no holes or breaking down of materials or dirt marks or any shoes beyond repair.

I will be collecting until I reach my minimum goal amount. I will be setting weekly bag goals and updating regular progress on my personal Facebook page:

Doing this all alone wouldn’t be much fun (or let’s be real here- even possible) so here are other ways to be of support in addition to bringing shoes to me. 

Personal Ambassador

I am looking for a few people to be a Personal Ambassador. A Personal Ambassador acts as a central contact point to collect at least 25 pairs of shoes. If you believe you could personally collect and deliver 25 pairs of gently used shoes I’d love to receive your goodwill with a great big smile and perhaps even a song and dance. All donations will need to be delivered to Hampton.  I also ask, if possible, for you to tie the pairs of shoes together with the laces or place rubber-bands around them before dropping off. This greatly reduces the amount of processing required after drop-off. If this is something you believe you could do please email or message me on my social media. 

Business Associate- any businesses, gyms, churches, schools

Business Associates leverage their workplace as a central collection point. If you are able to place a shoe collection box in your place of business I would be over the moon to receive your support. I can provide supporting paperwork and instructions on how to go about being a Business Associate. Please notify me by email if your business can be a supportive agency. I’d certainly rejoice in hearing from you! My email address is:

Out of Town Supporter

If you are not in the Hampton Roads area but would still like to support this shoe drive, you can!! Just box up your donation and mail it to: 

Show Mercy International
C/O CE Logistics
1080 Woodcock Rd
Suite 151
Orlando, FL 32803

AND… there is even one last way you can be a good sanitarian here today, please share this blog with anyone you believe would be interested of supporting!!!  MMMMMMUAH………..  Thank you! 

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  1. I have shoes and I would be willing to collect more shoes for you xxx

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