The Nine Holiday Photos You Should Always Capture- Danielle Jackson Hampton Roads Photographer

The Nine Holiday Photos You Should Always Capture- Danielle Jackson Hampton Roads Photographer

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss

One of the things I love about photography is the ability to freeze time. Holding on to those memories of family to enjoy reliving them again and again through photos. The holidays are the time of year when families gather and the time becomes even more precious. It’s the perfect time to capture those memories.

Here are 9 photo suggestions to help you fully remember your favorite holiday memories:

  1. The preparation and anticipation. Have you set and decorated the Thanksgiving table with Martha Stewart precision? Well, that can’t be an everyday occurrence. Snap that and hold on to that memory a little longer because no doubt your table will be destroyed in no time flat.

  1. Joy. It’s the feeling I remember most around the holidays. It can be found all around this time of year. There is also the added benefit of seeking it out in your community. Focusing on joy will fill your heart with happiness and keep you in the present moment. 
  1. The grumpy one. Personally, I love the Grinch photos. Every family has someone who encompasses the grumpy personality around the season. Let them be grumpy and capture those undeniable faces. I promise, you will love looking back and remembering “that” face.

  1. Your family tradition.  Christmas pj’s, your trip to the Christmas tree farm, or sitting on Santa’s lap. It is the family traditions that get passed from generation to generation. The best way to ensure they continue is by documenting it with photos each year.
Something unique. Each holiday is special with its own craziness. Was this the Thanksgiving your daughter only wanted peas or the Christmas the kids spent all day on the old swing set you have had for years instead of new playing with new toys? These are moments that make each season unique and you will delight in the memories each time you see the photos.
  1. The lights. This is my favorite camera trick to play with someone over the holidays. In your manual settings, you can set your camera to a very slow shutter speed, then slowly move the camera around in front of the decorative lights while waiting for the camera to finish. (I set my camera to ISO 400, f 9.0, 2.5sec.) I let my daughter take this photo. I love the celebratory look and the memory I have of creating it with her.
  1. Your home. One day you may not live in the same house and you may say “remember when…. or,  in that house…” Take photos of the entire scene to recall all of the memories that were created in your warm home.
  1. The things you are the most grateful for. Reminders of the things for which I am most grateful for are my favorite photos to look at during the year. Hold on to even the smallest of things you find yourself grateful for over the holidays and you can use them during times when you are having a hard time finding the silver lining in your life.
  1. Family. Well, obviously, family photos are a given, but maybe you are separated by the miles and you are only able to Skype. Screenshot those sweet memories or capture your family enjoying one another in a way they don’t normally spend time together.
*If you happen to be your designated family photographer, don’t forget to hand over that camera and ask someone else to capture you with your loved ones.*

Holiday Photo Preservation Suggestions

If you are going to make the effort to create these memories, be sure you take the time to make them last and have them printed so you can enjoy them year after year. Some of my favorite ways to preserve holiday memories is with a mini book, photo box or photo ornaments. This is one of my all time very favorite family holiday photos. It’s Christmas 1975 of my brother and I in our Christmas jammies by our Christmas tree.

I would love to hear about your favorite holiday family photo.

Happy Holiday Memory Making

With Love,

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