Foolproof Spring Style Guide for Your Best Family Photos

Foolproof Spring Style Guide for Your Best Family Photos

"You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile." -Annie. The musical.

Welcome Spring! Warmer weather and beautiful new blooms bring the perfect time to update your family photos. I’m here and ready to make this a memorable and fun occasion AND have your crew looking as put together as possible (at least for this ninety minutes in time).

I can already hear some of you sigh…. isn’t it enough to get my family out the door, in once piece, to one location, AND all relatively happy? Well sure, but……… honestly, if you’ve made the commitment to investing in having your family photos taken it’s probably going to be worth it to do your best and have everyone dress the part. Don’t worry, I’m going to break it down and hopefully make it all a little less painful for you.


I always feel it’s best to start where you are of course (Yup, I’m a quick one like that). Look around your home and consider your family style. Is your home more formal, modern, classic, eclectic, or comfy cozy? Look in your closet and consider what colors you normally choose to wear and feel most comfortable in. Whatever your answer is that’s your style. I don’t recommend going out of your comfort zone to have family portraits taken. It’s hard to be relaxed when you are uncomfortable in your clothes. Representing your authentic family in the best possible light is the goal here.   


Coordinating clothing colors is key. Start selecting your wardrobe with a neutral base and add in color for personality, style, and fun. A simple way to coordinate the whole family is to take one color from a child’s patterned shirt and use that same color in a solid for someone else. For larger families, it’s best to stick to just two or three colors and varying shades of the same color. For color selection, I typically start with a multicolored object in my home that has a color palette I already love. This can be anything from a throw pillow to a work of art. I’ve also created color palettes using a color palette generator: .  Pintrest is full of ideas for color palettes if you find yourself in need of inspiration. Muted colors tend to photograph better than bright or multi-colored and busy patterns. 


A great way to add in style, personality, color pops, and fun is by accessorizing. Light layers, vests, jackets, sweaters, scarves, jewelry, and belts are all perfect additions to spring photos.


Guys always look great in denim or khaki and a collared polo or button down shirt. Women usually photograph well in sundresses, dress slacks or just about anything they feel comfortable and beautiful in as long as the fit is perfect. Comfort is key with children. 

For those of you who want the simplest breakdown possible — Here are my TOP THREE DO’S and DON’TS. If you follow even just these you will be just fine.       


  1. Always consider fit first over anything, for everyone.
  2. Start with your own outfit first! Well, if you’re the mom and have gotten this far, you do you! It’s important for you to love how you look for these memories.
  3. Take time to plan and prepare for everyone’s clothing (including all underclothes and shoes).


  1. No to logos or character shirts.
  2. Don’t wear too many or busy patterns.
  3. Don’t wear flip-flops or tennis shoes.

Just remember in the end it’s about having this moment in time for your family to be remembered just the way you are.  I am always more than happy to help guide you though the process of your clothing selection.  Feel free to even send me a quick snapshot of your options and am always willing to offer my option and make suggestions. Your portrait is created to help you document your special relationships and personalities, so really the very best thing to wear is your smile 🙂

With Love,

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