Boost Your Happiness with Photos | Danielle Jackson Hampton Roads Photographer

Boost Your Happiness with Photos | Danielle Jackson Hampton Roads Photographer

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. -Omar Khyyam

Being on a quest to find, create and hold on to happiness is something I seek out every day in both my personal life and my work. I’ve always found great joy in reliving happy memories in my photos. And yet I often hear a nagging voice that says, “stay present, be with the one you’re with and not your camera. Now is not the time to worry about preserving it forever.” But I recently came across a study in the American Psychological Association that reported that taking photos can actually increase positive feelings about an experience. Awesome! I just knew photography could bring about more happiness in world.

The conclusion was reached after thousands of people were studied in nine different experiments. The participants took photos while doing activities such as taking a bus tour, walking through a museum, and eating in a food court.  In the end the people who were asked to photograph their activities gave higher enjoyment scores than those who did not. The study explained that participants were likely more engaged and the engagement equated to higher levels of enjoyment. The conditions where photography did not have a positive effect (pshhh) were if the participants were already actively engaged in the activity or if they needed to fuss with the camera equipment too much.

I would be willing to go so far as to say that this could be applied to your favorite family moments for everyday activities. Taking out your cell phone and snapping a quick moment with a friend or your family can actually increase your engagement and thus make for happier memories that we can relive again and again. 

So the next time you hesitate to bust out that phone or camera and snap something, don’t. You just may end up happier if you do! So go forth my friends and be snap-happy. 

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If you find yourself ready to preserve your happiest moments and would like someone to do all that camera fussing for you, give me a call and book your session today. 757-358-3305 

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