Picture Perfect Hair: 7 Simple Tips

Picture Perfect Hair:  7 Simple Tips

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself inside and out." -Audrey Hepburn

We all know we feel prettier when we are having a great hair day. Feeling beautiful and confident can make a huge difference in your feelings about your photos. As your photographer, I want your authentic self to show through in your photos while you are having fun. The best way to ensure you feel comfortable on all levels includes helping you have flawless hair for your photos. 

Here are a few of my favorite tricks to ensure your hair will look picture perfect on the day of your session.

  1. Call in the pro’s. Consult a professional hairstylist before a session to ensure you will have your best hair on the day of your session. Feel free to step it up a notch further and arrange to have your hair styled on the day of your session. I suggest at a minimum getting your haircut a week before your photos to give you enough time to be comfortable with your current look. This probably isn’t the best time to try out a whole new look or trend. If you color your hair, make sure the color is complete and how you would normally want it to be all the time. 
  2. Go classic. Trendy hairstyles can quickly date a portrait. Choose a classic style that is flattering and modern for a timeless portrait.   
  3. Eliminate flyaways. Smooth flyaways with a serum or de-frizz product. This is especially useful for the strays in front of your face. A simple trick is to run a dryer sheet over your hair before a photo session. Any simple hairspray will work too if sprayed on your hands and smoothed over your hair.
  4. Use Shine and Texturizing products. Use your favorite tried and true hair products to make your look next level. Shiny hair looks healthy and texture always looks amazing when photographed.

5. Loosen up. Tousled hair looks beautiful and adds a natural look to your portrait. Do a quick hair flip and mess things up a bit.  (A bonus — is you also get a lively color to your face from the flip.) If you have very thick hair, instead of a toss, simply run your fingers through your hair right before your photo. 

6. Bring simple hair accessories. Consider an alternate look with your favorite accessory. Headbands, ponytail holders, bobby pins, hair flowers, can all quickly create a different mood and look which can add variety to your look. I love a simple messy bun, hair pulled over to one side or a low loose ponytail.

7. Wax. Be sure to consider all of the hair you have. Any unwanted facial hair should be taken care of 48 hours before your photo session to provide enough time to reduce redness or swelling.

And since no trip to the hairstylist is complete without taking the perfect selfie, be sure to read up on that too!  

Now that your hair is gorgeous, you are ready to book your session. Contact me today to get on my calendar. 

With Love,​

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Since everyone knows the best thing in the world is to have a professional hairstylist they can trust I am going to let you in on the scoop with my hairstylist Ashley Smith.

Ashley is an independent contractor and licensed hairstylist. (While those are her formal titles, I can tell you she is also a wonderful listening therapist to all the woes in the world.) Ashley always takes the time to carefully consider my needs and then offer her professional opinion. Both my daughters and I leave Ashley feeling and looking fantastic. I trust she could easily be your new hair BFF too. 

Ashley can be contacted at:




You will want to keep track of this amazing hairstylist, so be sure to check out all places you can connect. 


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