What to Wear to Your Maternity Session

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session

"The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of a family we pass on to our children." -unknown

Like all my sessions, in maternity portraiture, I focus on authentic feelings and relationships. While the clothes selection is secondary, it is still an important part of creating portraits that make you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. I love capturingthe love, joy, and anticipation of a new baby’s arrival. 

Given pregnancy is already filled with a gazillion questions, I’ve made a simple list to help you decide what to wear for your portraits a little bit easier. 

Here are some suggestions on how to dress for your maternity portraits.

  • Go with soft muted solids – Sometimes patterns can be distracting. I recommend letting the focus be your natural and beautiful shape with soft color tones that aesthetically match this special time.
  • It’s ok to be clingy –  Clothes that gently cling to your baby bump are best. Not tight, but gently shape the entire belly (underside as well as the top) can help accentuate your shape. Doing this can also free up your hands for additional poses.
  • Accessorize – Layers, like an open cardigan or sheer top over a tank work perfectly. Lightweight scarves are a great way to add a pop of color or a pattern without distraction. A sash that goes over the top of your belly or a belt are great accessories to show off that growing belly.
  • No shoes, no problem – I love bare for feet for maternity sessions, so if you are at the beach, or the weather permits and your toes are beautifully manicured, I say kick off your shoes altogether.  Otherwise, I recommend simple flats or sandals if your session is more formal or in an environment that requires trekking down a wooded path or field. If you are comfortable doing so, and it happens to be the right season, I think boots look amazing.
  • Pants– Leggings, jeans, black yoga pants they all work. Wear what you are comfortable in and what you would normally wear. Again I would opt for solid choices over print. 
  • Tops – Make sure your neckline is not too revealing and does not have buttons that pull. For most people, I suggest long sleeves. A three-quarter sleeve also works for just about everyone in any season, but if you have sculpted arms .. by all means feel free to show them off with that spaghetti strap top. Sheer flowing shirts over a fitted tank is a perfect way to wear longer sleeves for warmer weather sessions. 
  • Dresses– Wear a soft comfortable dress if that is something you would normally wear. Dresses can offer a beautiful feminine look that creates soft natural motherly portraits. I  believe individual maternity sessions look stunning in a simple soft dress.

I recommend considering two outfits for your session if you are going to do a family session along with your individual portrait session. For full family what to wear options you can also read this article on how to dress for your family session

The optimal time for maternity portraits is around seven months. But basically, you can schedule a time when you are showing but not yet reached the uncomfortable state or unhappiness. (Not to suggest to all you pregnant ladies that you WILL get there, but just for the sake of possibility).  For first pregnancies, this is typically around the seven-month mark, but for experienced mothers, it may be a little earlier.

AND, just since you’ve made it to the end of my blog and you didn’t already know, I offer lifestyle newborn family sessions. The ideal timing for these pictures is within the first 10 days of baby’s arrival. So it’s not too soon to get on my calendar for those sessions as well.

If you know someone expecting a new bundle of joy in the near future please share this blog with them. Thanks a bunch for spreading the LOVE.

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