Dressing for Your Family Session: Fall/Winter 2016

Dressing for Your Family Session: Fall/Winter 2016

"The season for enjoying the fullness of life-- partaking of the harvest, sharing the harvest with others and reinvesting and saving portions of harvest for yet another season of growth." - Denis Waitley

We all know it’s stressful enough to get everyone in your family dressed and out the door on an ordinary day to begin with, but for a special occasion… ugh, my head starts to ache just thinking about it. 

First, just know that I focus on family relationships and not the clothes you are wearing. I want to be able to capture your feelings, emotions your authentic family dynamics, not the clothes you were or were not able to pull together.  Secondly, I’m not a style expert, these are simply my thoughts on what I have found to work well with family photographs. I’m sharing these simple guidelines and a few photographs of some of my clients who put together some fantastic looks to help you consider what could work for your family.

Here are my suggestions on coordinating outfits for this seasons photography session:

  • Make sure you plan ahead. The more time you allow yourself to decide what you would like everyone to wear, the more calm you will feel. Waiting until two nights before your shoot is bound to make you feel panicked. What if something you choose doesn’t fit, you can’t find the right shoes or your five year old refuses your chosen outfit? Just give yourself time. Additionally: options never hurt.
  •  Coordinate: Gone are the days of matchy-matchy. I know. It used to be a thing – everyone would wear the exact same outfit: jeans or khakis and a white t-shirt. Admittedly (a million years ago) even my family did it. It was easier for sure, but even with the slightest bit more effort, you can be a little more creative and stylish.
  • Choose a color scheme. Mix and match colors so that everyone flows and coordinates. Start with two or three colors you love and create a palette from there to create a look you will never tire of. Fall color pops of maroon, gold, burgundy, and orange go great with the neutrals of denim, khaki, and grey. Plaids are also a really great choice for fall portraits. 
  • Get Comfy (With A Proper Fit). You want to look comfortable, relaxed and happy in your family pictures and a big part of that is wearing fabrics that fit your personality and you feel good about wearing. A new pair of shoes for your daughter or a stiff new pair of pants may seem like a good idea, but trust me when I say uncomfortable faces are very easy to spot in photos and not what you want to remember from the time. 

Say No To Characters And Logos. Trust me, I love my comfy Gap sweatshirt as much as the next girl, but your family photos are not the time to break it out. And I know your sweet girl loves her Frozen dress and crown, but as this is a more formal photo and one you want to put on display, it is best to steer clear of anything that can distract from the focus of your portraits, being your faces and relationships. I’m always up for at least one crazy/silly/funny face photo family photo, so feel free to bring along everyone’s favorite loves in life and we can make it happen at the end of your session.

  • Accessorize Your Outfits. Accessories are for everyone and can add a ton of personality and fun to your photos. Light scarves, jewelry, belts, flower crowns or hair accessories are all great choices. As long as your accessories coordinate with your outfits, you really can’t go wrong. You can also use accessories to tie outfit colors and themes together. For instance, a cute flower accessory in your little girl’s hair can pull together a look with the color polo shirt her little brother is wearing. 
  • Stick With Timeless And Classic. Fashions and styles come and go. You want your family photos to be timeless, so it is best to aim for more of a classic look, not one that instantly dates you. Going classic will offer a portrait you will never tire of seeing.

Just remember in the end it’s about having this moment in time for your family to be remembered just the way you are. Your portrait is created to help you document your special relationships and personalities, so really the very best thing to wear is your smile 🙂

Are you ready to book your session, but unsure of the best location for your fall session, I have compiled a list of my favorite fall session locationsContact me today to get your preferred session time. 

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