What Inspires Me as a Creative

What Inspires Me as a  Creative

"To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor." - Stacey T. Hunt

Do you consider yourself to be a creative? An artist who sees the world a little differently than others? Are you someone who desires to turn your thought and energy into something tangible and something you can feel?

For as long as I can remember I’ve seen the world as snapshots. My memory holding on to just small fragments of time, much like a photograph. Using my eyes to hold a memory, not as clearly in words or numbers, but vividly and clearly in pictures. I didn’t find photography, it’s who I am. It’s how I see this world and I consider it to be a blessing for it to be my career.

Creating can allow you to relax and also energize you all at the same time. For me, capturing the most special moments and sharing them with other allows me to move toward my purpose in life. I see every day how artists contribute to positive changes in the world. Being a creative can help others to see the world in a new light. We color the world with beauty and life. What an important part to play in balancing out this world that can be filled with so much negativity and hardships. 

Nature has always inspired my art. The flowers and small animals around my yard in every season. The soft, beautiful natural light I see every day begs me to find my camera and capture it. Wide open fields of land, rolling waves on a beach, reeds along a river, and colorful sunsets are always waiting for me to show up and take part in all the glory. 

Authentic smiles and genuine moments of pure joy. Seeing laughter and love shared between people is one of my favorite times to create and capture. Those small perfect fleeting moments in life move me to want to hold on that perfect moment in time again and again. 

How do you embrace your creative self? What inspires you to create art? I would love to know what kind of art you are passionate about and what inspires you. Feel free to leave your website information or a photo of your work to share your creativity.


“Creativity us contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

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