Get ready to take your BEST selfie EVER

Get ready to take your BEST selfie EVER

We all have them, those seemingly effortless photographic friends who always look fabulous in every single one of their selfies. Really, #iwokeuplikethis? Ever wonder why you don’t look like that in your photos? I don’t consider myself a “professional selfie taker,” but I do know a few things about looking great in photos that can help you. 

Here are some of my tips and tricks to help you capture your best unique self. Selfies are fun to share and people love seeing where you are in life, especially when you can make look amazing.

  1. Practice– Just like everything else you want to be better at, it takes practice. It’s not natural for most people to have their photo taken. It can be difficult to look natural and comfortable even when you are doing it by yourself. It’s a rare circumstance that your best selfie can be captured on that first shot. Take the time to take a few snaps and then select and share the very best one.
  2. Find Your Best Light– Find a window or evenly lit natural light wherever you are. Did you know, photography has been defined by some as the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light?  If you happen to be at a night concert or dark restaurant try to get close to any light source. Indoor window light works well too. (I wonder if this is the reason for the trend of sitting in the driver’s seat for selfies because of that amazing light from your window).
  3. Experiment With Angles – Most people look best at a three-quarter turn from the camera and from slightly above eye level. Not so high it’s unnatural and obvious to the viewer,  but slightly higher than eye level. For most, an up the nose from below won’t be your best angle. Remember, whatever is closest to the camera will appear largest. Body and camera shifting can change a shot drastically. Try pushing your hips back to mask a belly or pushing your chest out a little to add a little something.   
  1. Lift Up Straight – A tall back and through the chest and neck create a leaner look. Roll your shoulders back and down. Make space in this area by relaxing your shoulders and bringing your entire face up and out, like a turtle, then lower your chin slightly. This will help to avoid double chins too.
  2. Offer A Genuine Smile – Let out your breath. Real smiles extend all the way to your eyes. Placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you smile can help as long as your mouth is closed enough to not show what you are doing. Want to instantly look like you are having fun? Smile with an open mouth, but only if you’re ready to express “crazy fun”! You can also think happy thoughts that always make you smile or laugh.
  3. Embrace Your Quirks and Uniqueness– Crazy curls, tons of freckles, crooked genuine smile — embrace it all! Often what you are most self-conscious about others find endearing and beautiful. Confidence and being yourself works so much better than trying to hide what you perceive as flaws. Be authentically you!
  1. Try Looking Away – Yep, take one looking at the camera so you know where to hold the phone, then hold the phone in the same position and look slightly down left or right. Boom – instant candid nonchalant photo of yourself.
  2. Bend Your Limbs– Make space around your body, between your arms and torso. Ever wonder why having a hand on your hip is so popular? Well, this is why. It works. Try bending a knee and putting your weight on your back leg for a leaner look.
  3. Consider The Location – A beautiful environment or an awesome event, including the environment in your shot can bring interest and beauty to any photo. So I’ll just add here, you can probably leave the bathroom after checking your look to take the photo- bathroom selfies are usually not the best, unless of course, the bathroom you are in happens to have a clean well-lit spa like waterfall tub.
  4. Focus– Think a little about what you are loving in the moment and wanting to capture and share. Delighted with a gorgeous new haircut or style, new glasses, are you ready to share all your hard work at the gym, or happy about a gifted piece of jewelry? That is what you should bring your focus to in the photograph. Placing a hand on anything can bring attention to that- so while your stomach may not be a great choice, your new hair cut or earrings will definitely stand out.
  1. Try Just A Part Of Your Body– Hand holding, your feet or shoes, a favorite shirt, fun hair accessories all can be fun to share as a selfie. Who says selfies have to be of your whole face or even include your face at all.
  2. Invest In A Stick– It’s fun, they are not expensive and you can include friends in your selfies. Yes, it draws tons of attention, but selfies do that anyway. Why not go all out and do it right?
  1. Edit And Or Filter- There are gazillion editing apps and filters to play with. A little light manipulation, warming or soft focusing and suddenly you are looking a lot better and loving your selfies more!

Have fun you guys and share your uniquely best selfie on the facebook page. Did you learn a new trick reading this? I would love to see your BEST SELFIE!   


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