On Location at the Noland Trail and the Lions Bridge, featuring Senior Sessions

On Location at the Noland Trail and the Lions Bridge, featuring Senior Sessions

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." —Eleanor Roosevelt

From the very beginning of becoming a professional photographer I knew doing senior portraiture would be a love of mine.  Individual portraits provide me with the opportunity to focus solely on just that one person and allows me to help them express their authentic self.  I instantly fell in love with their seemingly effortless ability to relax and appear to be hanging out and looking amazing is what they would be doing whether I was there photographing them or not.  I mean, hanging around looking fantastic is what seniors do, right ? I could never pick just one session and say it’s my favorite session because I always love the one I’m doing currently the most! 

Seniors are able to be captured in camera with effortless youth and attractiveness on their side. They are usually open to trying anything. Girls often come to me with tons of enthusiasm for the experience with plans for their clothes, makeup, and poses they want to try.

I love the challenge of guys who are humoring mom with a senior session. Usually even after just a brief while working with me, I can tell they are enjoying the experience and we both become excited about the resulting images.

Justin’s session was a lot of fun because he was one of those guys. He decided to have his session starting at the Mariner’s Museum and  along The Noland Trail. The park with its scenic trees, small lakes and the wooden bridges all make beautiful backdrops for senior portraits.  We concluded the session at The Lions Bridge, a well-known and popular spot in Newport News. This beautiful and well-maintained area is well-traveled by pedestrians, bicyclists, dog walkers and Sunday drivers. Fabulous for picnics and picture taking. It’s not uncommon to see a group of high school prom-goers gathering at the lions bridge at sunset in the spring. Often hikers and runners enjoy access to Riverside Drive and the beautiful James river sunsets. I believe this section of the city is one of it’s best gems and always find sessions there to have a hometown feel.

I don’t have boys of my own, but I do know that mothers share a special kind of love with their sons.  Justin’s mom stayed  throughout his session and watched with so much pride for her son. I may have even seen a small tear or two in her eye as she watched. I can only imagine how treasured these photos will be for her.  In the end, this is what makes my job so fulfilling.  Knowing she will forever have these moments to cherish and hold on to forever makes my job my passion.

 Don’t forget to book your Senior Experience before the crazy of senior year begins, which for many will pretty much start day one!

Enhanced senior sessions include a 3 x 3 accordion album designed by me! It would look great in your foyer, or as a take along brag book that fits nicely into a purse. 

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