Celebrating 3 Years! Plus, A Giveaway!

Celebrating 3 Years! Plus, A Giveaway!

I am not sure how many people are able to say they love their jobs, but, I sure do!

We could not be more excited to announce that at the same time as our three year business anniversary, we have also won for the third year in a row, The Coastal Virginia Magazine Best of Readers’ Choice Award. This year, our fans voted us as the Silver Best Overall Local Photographer. We even get to enjoy a party to celebrate our award. I can’t wait for the dancing! (Not that I haven’t already had my own personal kitchen celebratory dance party, but still- an actual dance floor is next level fun.) It fills my heart with gratitude and appreciation for those who took the time to vote and support Danielle Jackson Photography. 

I believe great things are never accomplished alone and remain humbled from all the love, support, skills and talents others have contributed to making this business a success. My loving husband and business partner, John, is the best tech support anyone could ever ask for. He is able to handle all of the behind the scenes computer support and business management, making my job possible. He is my faithful rock in my moments of sheer panic when things go wayward (and by go wayward, I actually mean completely jack up) in the operations of our IT systems. 

My family has endured my sometimes burned, sometimes late, and sometimes complete absence from meals on days when I’ve failed at balancing home and work life. They tolerate my creative highs and lows in my photography. And, although they are sometimes reluctant to allow me to use them for my photographic visions, they will still occasionally go along with my madness. Of course, my gratitude list would be incomplete without mentioning my biggest fan in life, my mom. She adores each photograph I create and provides constant support and encouragement with all that I do.

This year we were fortunate enough to be able to add to our team, Amy Edge.  She is our perfectly matched administrative assistant. Amy takes care of all my least favorite things — organizing and checking off the very long non-photo taking list of to do’s that are involved in running a small business. What a blessing to have her join us and we can’t wait to see all that can be accomplished with her help.  

Most certainly, Danielle Jackson Photography could never be without all my friends, family, fans and clients that believe in my talent and skills. I cherish each photography session because you have trusted me to create and capture your special moments in life.

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite things about any celebration is the dancing (I would never sit out an opportunity to dance) and the CAKE. In celebration of our third anniversary, we are giving away a $25 gift card to one of my favorite cake vendors ever, Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe.  

Simply leave your name and e-mail address in the comments below to be entered. The Winner will be announced July 30th!

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