My Life Behind The Camera

My Life Behind The Camera

“Photography is a love affair with life”. – Burk Uzzle

I see the world around me every day as snapshots in time. I’ve seen the world this way for as long back as I can remember. It was over fifteen years ago now that I first discovered the joy of photography and how I can hold on to what my mind and eyes had been doing for years. With my camera almost always in tow now, I can’t even resist snapping beautiful sights. Moments I savor because I know there will never be another time exactly like it again. For me, life has always felt like a whirlwind, hectic and noisy. Passing me by so quickly and I can’t remember quickly enough and soak it all in. The way I see it, life in pictures is perfect, still and quiet. When I am looking through my camera, I am completely “focused” on capturing those small perfect moments. I am able to live in that quiet, beautiful place, if even for just a fraction of a second. 

Capturing quiet sunsets, calming beach walks, and the water reminds me to savor each moment.  The art of capturing these moments is meditative and calming for me and is what inspires me. 

I am constantly evaluating the light surrounding me and how I would frame the things I see in my camera. The people in my photographs help to remind me what is important and how to live life to the fullest. 


I love finding beauty in my world. I tend to seek happiness and beauty in my natural surroundings, from foods, the land, animals, and people. 

Photography simply allows me to share my visions and thoughts without words. It is a creative outlet in which I can make meaningful and authentic memories from fleeting moments. Understandably, my family doesn’t always appreciate having their very own paparazzi following them around, even though I try to make it fun and enjoyable because they know I just can’t help myself. 

Many of my clients share my love for those perfect, quiet and still moments I am always seeking. What is it for you that makes you love photography or want to treasure those fleeting moments in your life? Comment below and let me know!

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