Tips For Photographing Your Child’s Birthday

Tips For Photographing Your Child’s Birthday

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake” – Author Unknown

As a mother of two quickly growing girls and a pro-photographer hired to shoot birthday portraits and parties, I know just how fun and special this time can be. Each birthday marks a milestone you’ll want to remember as your child grows. If you document the occasion well, you’ll be able to make a photo book, display prints on your wall, or create a memorable birthday collage that your family will treasure for years to come.

Here are my pro tips to help you take your own great party pictures on your child’s birthday.

Take pictures of the birthday party preparations and the anticipation. Is Dad using his hot air to blow up balloons? Did the baby swipe some icing as you decorated the cake?

Remember to capture the details. The party invitations, the homemade decorations, the balloons, cake, birthday signs; these are all memorable and thoughtful parts of each birthday celebration.  

Take the photos from the child’s perspective. Capture the photographs at the child’s eye level and down low at the subject’s height. 

Pro tip: Try taking photos at different angles, from way below or above the subject for interesting documentation.

Take candid pictures that capture authentic expressions. Snap quick. Don’t hesitate, or you might miss the moment because you are waiting for that one “right” shot. The moments before and after blowing out the candles can be just as memorable and help tell the story of the day. 

Take close-up photographs of individual guests to use as thank you cards. These pictures are great to look back on and compare when the same children attend birthday parties throughout the years. 

Designate or hire a party photographer. This allows you to be in the pictures yourself. It’s important that you’re captured in the photos as well as the birthday child and guests. Be present with your child and join in on the fun!

Danielle Jackson Photography offers customized authentic and fun birthday sessions for your child. Each session includes a FREE gourmet cupcake and an 8 x 10 photo of your choice. Send me an email or contact me on Facebook to schedule a day near your child’s party to have a professional birthday portrait!! 

Comment below and tell me what your favorite birthday photo of your child is! 

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