Dads are our Real-Life Superheroes

Dads are our Real-Life Superheroes

“One father is more than one hundred schoolmasters…”

Growing up, my father was a military man, just like many men in our Hampton Roads area, he often missed out on my childhood because he was stationed away from our family. When he was home, he raised us to have a strong work ethic with his military style of parenting. Each night at dinner I could count on him to ask me how I served our country that day. I am grateful his pride in America and values flowed over into our daily lives.  

Father’s hold a lot of responsibility and often feel that they carry the weight of their family on their shoulders. My father was the financial provider throughout most of my childhood for my family home. He provided us will well-stocked cupboards and a comfortable lifestyle — but, above that, he gave me the designer jeans I couldn’t bear to live without, my first car, my wedding, and of course the summer beach house, my happy place to this very day. 

As a middle child and the oldest daughter, I am my father’s professed favorite. He says I make the best cup of coffee in the world. (Which, I do!)

“The greatest gift I ever received came from God, and I call him Dad” – Anonymous

Father’s are real-life superheroes.

They support us during the most special times.

They keep the fun in every day.

Father’s are the rock in the family.

Make sure you show your dad, grandpa, or uncle just how much your appreciate their strength and admire them on Father’s Day!

I would love for you to share the ways you honor your father, leave your comments in the section below.

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