Dressing for your Family Session: Spring & Summer 2016

Dressing for your Family Session: Spring & Summer 2016

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and have family portraits taken. The blues and neutral tones of the beach and the deep greens and browns of the woods all make for perfect natural settings for family portraits. 

Summer Weather for Photos
Ideally, the location of your summer portraits will have some open shade available to help keep you cool. If you’ve decided you want your pictures at a location that doesn’t have shade – like the beach – use the time of the day to your advantage. The last few hours before sundown is typically the cooler part of the day and the direct light (that can cause squinting faces) has diminished. The bonus is the soft natural light that is best for photos too! 

And, remember, bring some cool water to keep the family refreshed and hydrated.

Wear Light and Bright Colors
We generally associate light colors such as whites and pastels with warm weather. Certain bright colors such as turquoise, emerald, lime, fuchsia, violet and nectarine also have a definite association with hot, breezy weather. 

Choose a neutral base and then go for bright color splashes. Think tropical – if you can associate a color with a fruity tropical drink, exotic tropical flowers or the decor at a luxury Caribbean resort – it is probably a great choice for summer family picture outfits. 

Coordinate (It is different than matching)
Start with two or three colors that coordinate well with each other. Fortunately, most male and female summer colors coordinate fabulously without much effort. 

Mix pops of bright summer colors with coordinating neutral colors like white, tan, navy blue and charcoal. You want your coordinating colors to be spread out fairly evenly through everyone in the photo. You also don’t want to have everyone wearing neutral bottoms and colorful tops – mix those colors up. 

Gone are the days of exact matching khaki pants and white tee shirts. Mix it up with shorts, skirts, pants or a dress for each member in the photos. It is usually better for guys to wear neutral pants and colorful tops. Girls can balance the neutral pants on the guys with a colorful skirt or dress. This also gives the option to accentuate colorful bottoms and a neutral top with colorful accessories – such as larger pieces of jewelry or a light scarf.

Consider: What Goes with the Style of your Home?
Something to consider when choosing coordinating colors is where you are planning on displaying your photos in your home. If you are going to put up a gorgeous canvas print collage in your living room, make sure your accent colors mix well with the colors you are wearing in the portraits. Likewise, if you have a casual or more formal home, outfits should represent your overall style. Is your style more Classic, Modern, Casual?

Wear Lightweight and Comfortable Fabrics
You want to look comfortable in your summer family pictures, and a big part of that is wearing fabrics that are light and comfortable. Linen is a perfect summer fabric. But, you could also go with a light cotton or pretty sheers. For guys, natural cotton and linen look great. 

Summer Accessories
Accessories are for everyone and can add a ton of personality and fun to your photos. Light scarves, summer hats, jewelry, belts, flower crowns or hair accessories are all great choices. As long as your accessories coordinate with your outfits, you really can not go wrong. 

You can also use accessories to tie outfit colors and themes together. For example, a cute flower accessory in your little girl’s hair can tie into the color polo shirt her little brother is wearing. 

Lady’s Secret Pro Tip: Avoid undergarments that show through your clothing, buttons that pull, cleavage and shirts that slip. 

Consider your Footwear
Summer is the time to pull out your sandals or pretty summer heels. Don;t hold back – go with bold colors and high heels. 

If you’ll be on the beach for your summer family pictures, sandals work well for everyone. Personally, I’m all for bare feet on the beach. Just remember, manicured feet is a must for anyone wanting to go barefooted.

Boat shoes are perfect for men and boys for summer photos. Try to get everyone out of running shoes as it would look best for the overall look of your portraits. 

Many families neglect the shoes for their outfits until the last minute, remember to plan your outfits from head to toe for everyone so you can ensure you are coordinating well and no one is upset over squished toes or ends up looking unfinished. 

Have Fun and Most Importantly, Wear your Smile.
Plan your summer family picture session around an outing that your whole family will enjoy. Summer is the perfect time to bribe the family with an ice cream outing for a successful session and I highly recommend it!

The beach, a walk in the woods or along a river, or a picnic in a meadow full of summer flowers are all ideal locations to capture your family’s authentic style. 

Any Enhanced Family Sessions booked during June 2016 will include a photo keychain. To receive your thank you gift, make sure you comment below. 

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