Friends are Chosen Family – Yorktown Family Session

Friends are Chosen Family – Yorktown Family Session

“A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he  knows you are slightly cracked.”- Bernard Meltzer

Laura is one of my favorite people from high school. We experienced many “firsts” as we graduated high school, college, our first “real” job, marriage, and kids all through the years. Friendship is such a unique relationship in one’s life and holds a significant spot in each person’s heart. Lara is part of my family that I have chosen. 

As we have grown older, we have stayed close and our lives have had parallel paths despite being separated by many miles. Lara and her husband, Andy, actually introduced John and me, sealing our lifelong connection.

I was honored to have Lara and her precious children at Yorktown beach for a photo session. Her children are sweet and gracious, much like the Lara I  knew in high school.

Lara, no matter where life takes us, you will always remind me of my greatest moments, as well as my most embarrassing ones! (No need to go into all the details now is there?)

As a  thank  you to our moms and the women like moms enhanced family sessions booked during May 2016 will include a custom 3″x3″ Accordion Book designed by me. To receive your thank you gift, please just leave a comment below to serve as a friendly reminder list for me when it’s time to order our monthly prints. 

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