A Tribute to Moms – Capturing Memories

A Tribute to Moms – Capturing Memories

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go…” -Author Unknown
Ever since my days of studying families in my college sociology classes, I’ve considered Mother’s to be the heartbeat of every family. From the moment they take on the role of Mom, a special kind of love is created deep inside of them. A love like no other. I’ve been blessed to have both received and felt this kind of love for a child. The presence of mom provides comfort and strength. They show grace and provide unconditional love and forgiveness. They are the heart of the home. Mothers have the unprecedented ability to be able to share her whole self with her children. Mothers give everything for their children and families and often without even recognizing all the small things they give their children on a daily basis.

The most important gift we can give our children is time. The gift of happy memories will be carried within your child’s heart. They will remember how you always let them lick the cake batter bowl, had a water balloon fight, played go fish after school, teaching your daughter to drive a car or your son learning to how to put on a tie.

Moms, stop with the busyness. Be present. Get in the pictures. Smile. Enjoy the moments.

Give your children the gift of memories. Capture the moments for your grandkids. Choose to get out from behind the camera. Forget about your insecurities. When your children look back at these pictures they will remember the moments, not the insecurities. They won’t see moms extra “baggage”, the dark circles, the unbrushed hair. They will see the mom that cares unconditionally, the mom that carried them, the mom that stayed up all night working on that a last minute school project, and the mom who spends more time packing lunch in the morning than keeping on top of the latest hair style. Your child just wants captured moments of you- regardless of what stage of life you are in.

So, Mom, be in the moment. Make memories. Take photographs. Display them on your walls. Put the photos in albums, so you have tangible reminders of your families love.

Now is the time to give your mother the gift of your time. Schedule a session for grandma with her grandkids, invite your extended family or surprise her with a framed portrait of her children and her grandchildren.

As a thank you to our moms and the women like moms enhanced family sessions booked during May 2016 will include a custom 3″x3″ Accordion Book designed by me. To receive your thank you gift, please just leave a comment below to serve as a friendly reminder list for me when it’s time to order our monthly prints.

I would love you to share the ways you love and honor your mom and the women in your life like mom  – leave your comments in the section below. 


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