On Location at Fort Monroe – Danielle Jackson Photography

On Location at Fort Monroe – Danielle Jackson Photography


“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” – Unknown

I have found one of the region’s most serene and picturesque communities in Coastal Virginia to be Fort Monroe. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle yet with quick and easy access to Hampton Roads, Fort Monroe offers some of my favorite settings for portraits all throughout the year.

The Chesapeake Bay can be enjoyed along the boardwalk and the fishing pier there. I particularly love the stacked rocks at Outlook beach and always find the sea-grass along the river to give the photographs there a beautiful local feel. Every time I go I have the opportunity to see the impressive container ships slowly pass by.




Completed in 1834, Fort Monroe was originally designed to protect the Hampton Roads waterway from an enemy attack and is the largest stone fort in America. The mote itself is just cool to see for kids and parents alike. The history of the area is fascinating and the older structures offer perfect rustic backdrops.

I’ve always found the area to be meticulously maintained, the lawns and fields are always beautiful for romping around in and photographing in the open space. The live oaks there make for perfect climbing trees and a great place to hold kids hostage for a portrait.

Prior to September 2011, Fort Monroe had been a military base since 1609 because of its strategic defensive location. Once the military base was closed, it was realigned and opened to the public. Most recently Fort Monroe and been in the news with zoning changes as the ownership is split between the state through the Fort Monroe Authority and the federal National Park Service, which maintains the Fort Monroe National Monument.

There has also been the discussion of an entrance fee that would be used to cover expenses relating to the maintenance of the park instead of tax dollars. As Fort Monroe is one of my favorite local spots to visit and take photos so I for one will be keeping an eye out for updates on the progression of the story.


For more information on visiting Fort Monroe you can visit: http://www.fmauthority.com/

I would love for you to leave comments and hear about on your experiences at Fort Monroe. And, if you are interested in having your portraits taken at this lovely location give me a call for us to schedule your time and be begin the creative design of your personalized session. 757-358-3305 

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