Business Happenings: Best of Award Next Round

Business Happenings: Best of Award Next Round

I’ve never accomplished anything great in this life alone. I have so many to thank for the love and support of helping my dreaming of having my own photography business become successful. Over this time my husband and children have eaten way more burned meals and take out pizza than I would ever care to admit, while I took on the task of learning to balance family and my business. (Both of which I love more than anything.) I’m not even going to mention here the mountains of piled up laundry, dirty dishes and vacuuming left undone as I manage to get lost in my business and track of time.

Then there is you, my clients who have trusted me with their most precious occasions and memories in their lives. I am humbled and honored and with every booking. My enthusiasm in creating your galleries at times can’t even be contained. I truly know what a blessing it is to be able to do a job that is my passion in life. It can’t actually be normal to want to be working, right?     

I can hardly believe it was a year ago that I was awarded the Gold Star for the best local photographer for the Virginia Coastal Living Magazine. With the award came a huge surge of confidence and belief in my dream of running my own business as being a reality. As silly as that little gold star may to seem to be, it was a huge deal to me and proof to myself that I am capable of doing what I love and actually doing it as a career to help provide for my family. Having this award justified furthering my education in business and photography allowing me to provide better services to my clients. 

Voting can occur once a week from now until April 23, 2015. You will be asked to provide and email and password and I recognize an effort to support me and my work. Know that I consider each entry a blessing and is genuinely appreciated. Thank you!!!!

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