My Top 12 Tips to Look Awesome in Every Photo

My Top 12 Tips to Look Awesome in Every Photo

Having your photo taken can be unnerving for a lot of people particularly if you happen to think you are unphotogenic. I’m here to tell you if you think that’s you, it’s untrue. The most beautiful thing in the world to me is the human face and I just so happen to be someone who sees the very best features in people. ¬†The majority of people are not born being able to take a great photograph (although it would certainly appear that some actually really are born for it ūüėČ Most people who are comfortable having their picture taken have practiced and have learned what works well for them. These quick tips can instantly help anyone to look great, and no worries I am always willing to take the time to make sure you will be looking your best.

1. Take a look back at some of your favorite photos of yourself. Notice carefully your stance, the angle you are toward the camera, your smile, what your eyes are saying. Try to replicate that same expression again when having your photo taken in the future. 

2.  If you are a blinker or a squinter, close your eyes open them slowly just before the photo is taken. Visine can work wonders to brighten eyes before getting in front of a camera. 

3.¬†Make sure your skin looks as clear and smooth as possible. Exfoliate the day before and wash, tone and moisturize just before getting your photos. Oily or shiny skin never photographs well so try to be as matte and oil free. ¬†When wearing makeup it’s best to avoid shine, shimmery, or frosty.¬†

4. Always try to be well rested and hydrated before a photo opportunity.

5. Focus on what makes you unique. Embrace the gap between your teeth, freckles, squinty smile eyes, wild curly hair. Whatever it is, it makes you uniquely you and beautiful, so go with it. 

6. The closest thing to the camera is always the biggest thing in the photo. If you want to de-emphasize a feature, simply pull that away from the photographer. Just about everyone looks best at about a 3/4 angle to the camera.

7. Bend your limbs. Arms and legs are best bent and held slightly away from your body, never flat on your body or sitting flat on a chair.

8. Avoid a double chin. Elongate your neck and push your face forward and down just slightly. Think of sticking out your forehead and toward the camera while slightly tipping down your chin. (It may feel weird, but it will look great- promise.) 

9. Try to smile more naturally by putting your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a too wide of a grin and relax your face a bit. Take a deep breathe and exhale with your smile to be more relaxed.

10.¬†Let your emotions show. Don’t try to create the smile you think you need, use your regular one. A genuine smile involves more than just your mouth. Allow your face freedom of movement in your forehead, eyebrows, eyes and cheeks. Laughing is even better than smiling, so let out your joy. ¬†

11. Consider what you are doing with your hands. Keep them relaxed and doing something. Hold someone, holding on to a scarf or jacket, scrunch your hair, place them on your chin, half tucked in your pockets, but open and relaxed.  

12. Allow for time to become comfortable in front of the camera. Rarely is the first photo the best of the session. Ask to see the back of the camera if it makes you feel more reassured that you are looking great.

That’s it! These are some of my favorite suggestions to make you feel more confident that you will take an amazing portrait. Try some of these easy tips and you will be able to see for yourself the beautiful face I already see.

Are you someone who has mastered your best look? I would love to have your comments here with a favorite trick to always look your best. Come on give it up. Lick your lips? Practice in the mirror? Say a few vowels to loosen your face? Hand on your hip at an angle? I want to know what you do to always look amazing.

Now that you are in the know give me a call today to schedule your time in front of my camera (757)358-3305.

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