What to Wear: The Senior Experience

What to Wear: The Senior Experience

The Senior Experience

Just know we are going to rock this shoot. Plan on creating amazing photographs that bring your own unique beauty and personality to the forefront.  

Here are my top quick tips for what to wear:

  • Dark clothing that is not bright. When you do opt for lighter colors, stick to pastels. Pale yellow and pale blue work well, especially with jeans or khaki pants. Avoid white or cream tops and other neutral colors such as beige, tan, pale peach, pink or gray.
  • Spring and Summer portrait color recommendations include sky blue, pale green, watermelon and dark peach to compliment an outdoor setting. For Fall, consider wearing red, gold, deep orange, emerald green and dark green.
  • Select clothes you are comfortable in and a fit that flatters.
  • Avoid stripes or plaids, ball caps and clothing with words or logos. Solid colors photograph best.
  • Include formal, semi-formal and totally casual outfit options.
  • Fun shoes (heels, boots, flats), scarves, dress hats, simple classic jewelry, jackets, hair accents, layers are all do’s.
  • Avoid low or plunging necklines. Make sure no undergarments show through your clothes or can be viewed in any way.
  • Long pants are always preferred over shorts. Dresses and skirts look great if you are comfortable in them. Jeans always look amazing on everyone.
  • Be fashionable, but go classic so as to not date your portrait in years to come.
  • Be unique and you.

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