Business Happenings: 757 Gold Award

Last week, I was editing photos when I got a text message from a friend. She was on the beach reading Coastal Virginia magazine and saw that Danielle’s Photography was awarded Gold for best local photographer. Wait. What? How can that be? I was set off on one of my million questions sprees. She was at the beach with her family and her responses seem agonizingly slow because my excitement and confusion was mounting with every second that passed.

Eventually she texted me a picture of the entry from the magazine that detailed my award. I couldn’t believe it! I had totally forgotten my submission. I needed to lay my own eyes on that magazine as soon as possible. Texts where exchanged and my dear friend could sense my anxiety from the beach and offered to bring her copy on her way home. Thanks so much Lisa Wenschlag!

While I waited for her to bring magazine, I started texting all my close friends and family to tell them the news. My husband did the same. We were both beside ourselves with excitement and pride. I am not going to lie, there were tears involved on my part. Eventually the smoke from the kitchen reminded me I was in the middle of making lunch when all the excitement began. Admittedly, my cooking skills have greatly decreased since the start of my business. (Editing and cooking don’t go hand in hand very well.)

As I settled down a bit, my husband and I were talking about the award and I remembered how it came about. A few months ago, I asked my clients, friends, and family to vote for my business for the magazine’s Best Of 2014 award. I didn’t really think I had a chance of getting the award but the people who were gracious enough to vote for me really came through. I am very thankful to have such a wonderful group of people supporting me. It’s great to have people who believe in me and I can’t express how much this award means to me. It’s just an added bonus that it comes at the same time that I’m celebrating my one year anniversary!

Here is proof (sometimes I still can’t believe it) that this is real. Here is the listing on Coastal Virginia Magazine’s website. I just called yesterday to get the tickets for my husband and I to attend the Best of Party. I would love to see some of you there. If you are interested in attending, follow this link for tickets. All the Best Of will be there and it should be an amazing time with great food and entertainment. I hope to see you there. I’ll be easy to spot with a huge smile and my camera :).

Thanks for believing in me!

~ Danielle

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