On Location Photography: Favorite Sites

(Yorktown- featured above)

Together is my favorite place to be.

One of the great things about being a photographer is the intentional seeking and discovering of the most scenic places here in Hampton Roads. Every day right here we have the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, visit the wooded trails in the local parks, watch a sunset over the river, or explore the historical buildings and battlefields.

Ideal portrait environments offer wide open soft light out of direct harsh sunlight. For any season of the year, the last two hours of the day before the sun sets provides that kind of perfect light. When the circumstances are really in my favor I can capture sparkling light beaming through the leaves!

My favorite portrait locations in Hampton Roads offer a variety of structures like rustic older homes, historical brick buildings, barns, wooden piers, and bridges. Our local nature parks provide beautiful sitting areas, fields of cotton, wooded trails, dreamy marshlands and waterways and peaceful shorelines where together we can create natural and beautiful portraits.

Listed below are some of my favorite areas to hold sessions.

The waters edge

Yorktown, Buckroe, Virginia Beach (featured below), Huntington Beach

The Parks and Trails

Sandy Bottom Nature Park, First Landing, Windsor Castle Park (featured below), Riverview Farm Park, Fort Fun, Noland Trail

The Historical Areas

Colonial Williamsburg, (featured right), Yorktown battlefields, Fort Monroe

Your Place

I love to create portraits at my favorite places to frequent, but there is a sense of excitement that comes from discovering new light and beauty in my client’s own backyard, private property or neighborhood. Being able to create beautifully captured moments in a space that already holds special memories for your family can add another level to the sentiment to the images.

When we are deciding a location for your session, feel free to hone in on one of my favorite places or suggest one of your own. Perhaps you have a beautiful backyard garden, a huge family tree, a fishing pier, or a wraparound porch right at your own home. Do you have a special place where your family has spent countless hours bonding and creating memories? If you do, I can’t wait to hear about it and start designing your portrait session right there.

Now that you are all pumped up on WHERE you are going to take your portraits, feel free to read though my blogs to help you prepare in other ways too. For instance, my tips for looking awesome in EVERY photo can help give you the confidence you need to know you are going to look great and love your portraits.

I’m already looking forward to meeting you and your family and creating beautiful memories together. Call to book your session today.  757-358-3305

With Love,

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