Your Professional Best: Tips for your Business Portrait

September 30, 2014  •  3 Comments


Your business portrait speaks volumes about who you are as a professional. Being seen in the best possible light is more important than ever with social media and online presence playing such a huge role in the success of our businesses today. Your portrait not only shows people who you are but how you conduct business. Your portrait is an opportunity to portray an image to your potential clients, to share your brand, and the show the face behind the business. It can show just how serious you are about quality and customer service.  By taking the time to show you care about your own personal image you are saying a lot about the value you place on using the highest standard in the work you conduct.  

In order to show you in the best possible light here are a few of my suggestions to help you prepare:


With proper clothing it's your face that can command the attention. Dress in the fashion which you feel best represents both you and your company. For a formal business portrait, dress as you would if you were going to meet an important client or associate, or as if you were to be going to be making a formal presentation. For a more casual portrait, feel free to be stylish and fashionable but still conservative. Make sure all clothes fit perfectly and stay properly in place even with movement and opening and closing arms. Have everything freshly pressed and look new or like new. Don't over dress. Avoid busy patterns and large lines and or stripes. Texture and layers look amazing in photographs. Dark colored clothes typically photograph better than bright or light and it's best avoid skin tones. All black or all white are not good options for portraits. Smart business colors include, navy, dark gray, chocolate, forest green, deep teal, eggplant or a rich caramel. Long sleeves are best for business portraits.

Women Specific Clothing: 

Keep jewelry to a minimum, small and simple or one statement necklace. Delicate scarves, vests and layers look great and can add interest and personality to your portrait. Avoid low or plunging necklines or showing any cleavage. (Don't count on remembering to keep everything tucked in place.) Avoid sleeveless tops and note that long sleeves photograph best. A nice blouse with pants or skirt, pants suit or dress are considered standard business attire. Skirts or dresses should fall at or below the knee.      

Men Specific Clothing:

Make sure to wear a dress and not a sport watch. A solid or pin-stripe suit looks best, or suits with texture. The standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie. A casual business look is often an open jacket and dress shirt, shirt and tie (no jacket) or dress shirt on it's own. Solid colored polo shirts may also work for your line of work for a more casual business portrait.

For Group Portraits:

Have everyone coordinate to create unity. Solid colors work best to avoid any one person standing out. Choose 1-3 colors of muted tones that are a bit subdued. Have everyone work within the same color palette. Both tops and bottoms should be both dark or both light.


Getting a hair cut a week or two before your session is recommended. Make sure hands and nails are clean and tidy. 

Women Specific Grooming:

Make-up should be clean and natural. Wearing a layer of translucent powder helps to lessen pores and avoid shining. Avoid frosted or shimmery and opt for matte in all make-up. Nails look best painted in a light color or none. Hair should be kept away from the face but in the normal way you wear it to work.

Men Specific Grooming: 

Arrive clean shaven on the day of the session if your opting for a formal business portrait. Don't be afraid to have a coating of translucent powder to avoid shine and lessen pores.  

Posing and Looking great:

No worries here, this is my part. I will put you in the most flattering light, posed to look your personal best and help you to be relaxed and comfortable. This will also be what people will feel when you view your image.  

Lastly be prepared for all the business opportunities that will be headed your way. With an amazing business portrait you will be unstoppable. Call today and we can begin to create your sure to succeed portrait. 







Christine Hunter(non-registered)
These tips were a great help for my professional head shots with Danielle! Thank you so much for posting them and making a new experience so much fun! Now my new massage clients will have a professional face to match the name and professional credentials.
Great information! Need to bookmark it so I can use it when I have my head shot done!!
Such great tips! I never know what to do with myself in front of the camera!
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